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Yankee Plak Company has a unique concept for portrait mounting. Our plaque gives you “The best of both worlds” – the beauty of a laminated plaque with the convenience of a nail-on plaque – without the problems! Laminated plaques are prestigious but sending your documents out to have them mounted incurs a time delay and risks loss. Nail-On plaques are convenient but assembly is time consuming and difficult. Other manufacturers have tried to solve these problems by creating a “slip-in” plaque, but these “slip-in” plaques sacrifice the look and feel of a laminated or nail-on plaque, making them seem more like a frame. Our new E-Z plaque has the look and feel of a professionally laminated plaque with no delay or assembly – A “Break-Thru” in deluxe portrait mounting!

  • The numbers for the year and the blank plate are sold separately. Item PR-Kit in the Replacement Items section.
  • You can purchase red, blue, brown or green border certificates for the EZ-8511 in the Replacement Items section.
  • Made in America!